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Zé Arnaldo


Type: Robust Porter
Vol: 6%
IBU: 38

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Zé Arnaldo, who owes his grace to the holy brewer, is a worker who should have been retired but who still walks up the hill in toil. He likes to wander the streets of the hill while he breathes his pipe. Old, features loaded with rude life. Wrinkles, many wrinkles. But with charm. A charming decadence.

A Robust Porter, a dark beer, fruit of a harmonious work among the sweet and roasted malts that fill it. It is creamy and has a dense, persistent, preferably brownish, foam. The aromas of hops are also present, although less prominently. It is a beer that has historically been associated with the stevedores of the London ports, who drank this beer a lot. He would quench his thirst and feed. And today it still ... kills its thirst and feeds.

Brand 8ª Colina
Category Porter