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Buy and Shipping

Pattria beers, are available only for Europe and can be purchased in boxes of 6, 12 or 24 units.

To start your purchase, you must first register as a customer by selecting "Sign In" at the top of the homepage and then entering the email address in the Create Account option. Then fill in the requested data and end the registration, receiving in your email the confirmation and login data of your costumer account.

You are now ready to shop at Pattria!

To start shopping, just select the "Beers" menu and choose the box you want from the three available:

-6 units - 22.5 €
-12 units - 40 €
-24 units - 70 €

Each box has a set price, regardless of the options and variety of beer you choose.

After you have made your order, confirm it in the Shopping Cart, then check your delivery address and choose one of the accepted payment methods (bank transfer, ATM, Paypal or Credit Card). You will then receive by email the information regarding the payment.

Your orders will be processed and shipped up to 5 business days after receipt of payment, except when theres a stock breach (the products presented on the website are limited to the existing stock at any time). This shipment will be made via carrier to the shipping address you have defined (but not to P.O. Boxes).

Shipping to Mainland Portugal is free of charge and the shipping rates shown in the table below apply to the remaining zones, which vary according to the box ordered and the destination zone.

*Euro Zones 1 - AT/BE/DK/FR/DE/IE/IT/LU/NL/SM/GB


*Euro Extra Zones 1 - AD/NO/RO/CH

*Euro Extra Zones 2 - AL/BA/FO/GI/GL/IS/XK/MK/ME/RS

The delivery of the orders is always done separately, it is not possible to group several orders in a single shipment, and the inherent shipping costs will be applied to each of them.

Although we take special care with the packaging and protection of your order, sending it always carries the risk of any damage occurring during the shipping.