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About Us

Pattria evokes the meaning of homeland, a place where one belongs.

We are the Pattria of those who are crazy, crazy about life and their friends, those who know well what they want and want it all the time.

We are the Pattria of those who embark on the adventure, with the destiny traced in the palm of their hand, those who seek, those who meet, those who reveal themselves in the smile of others.

Pattria grew out of our love for Portuguese craft beer and the pride in promoting it, in promoting the taste and the art that exists in each bottle, in each glass served, in each recipe waiting to be discovered.

It arose from the desire to reveal the effort and craftmanship of the master brewers, always trying to excel, always seeking a new way, knowing that every detail makes a difference in the beer they create.

There is an entire Portugal to discover through craft beer and Pattria is the ideal place to do it.

If until now you haven't found the perfect place to know and try portuguese craft beers, today you can do it on Pattria's website. If you didn't know where you can order them, Pattria's website is for you. If you didn't know how to distinguish the different beers, or get to know the different brands, Pattria explains.

And, if you haven't yet found a Portuguese craft beer that suits you, Pattria is your beer!