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How to Order

All beers on Pattria's website can be purchased in boxes of 6, 12 or 24 units, and each box can be filled with the variety of beers you wish.

To start ordering, just select the "Beers" menu and choose the box you want, from the three available:

-6 units
-12 units
-24 units

Each box has a set price, regardless of the beer options you make, allowing you to compose each one the way you want, you can fill a box with the same beer, or choose to have different beers.

After selecting the box, you can add the beers you want to buy to the shopping cart until you fill the capacity of the box you chose. If you want to continue shopping, you are prompted to choose a new box, and you can repeat the process.

At any time you can see your shopping cart to change your choice, or when you have the box filled, you can finalize the order.

After final selection is made, simply confirm the order details, proceed with the payment and then wait for the delivery to taste the beers you have chosen!